Recommended Addons

uBlock Origin tweaks

Once you learn how to import filter lists, we suggest using Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool to remove tracking elements from URLs.

We also suggest enabling the following lists built into uBlock Origin:

  • AdGuard URL Tracking Protection.
  • Block Outsider Intrusion into LAN.
  • Phishing URL Blocklist.
  • Fanboy’s Annoyance.

Additionally, we strongly recommend using medium mode to block all third-party scripts and control them manually. Advanced users can also block JavaScript per-site.

Password managers

We suggest that you use a more robust solution than the built-in password manager available in the browser:

  • Bitwarden: open source password manager that allows for synchronization across multiple devices.
  • KeepassXC-Browser: official browser plugin for the open source password manager KeePassXC.

Other Addons

The best suggestion is always to keep a very minimal addons setup, as every extra piece makes your attack surface larger and is likely going to make you stand out. For this reason, all the extensions mentioned in this section are useful only for certain users, and they are not strictly necessary.

Privacy addons

Other useful addons

  • Dark Reader: useful for visually impaired people. It can also be used by RFP users that want to force dark theme, but this will make them stand out.
  • xBrowserSync: allows to securely store and sync bookmarks across browsers and devices.
  • LibreWolf Updater: checks for updates of LibreWolf and notifies you about them, which is especially useful for LibreWolf versions which don't get updated automatically via a package manager like the manual Windows installer. Also deserves the honorable mention as our first community-provided addon.