Recommended Addons

uBlock Origin tweaks

LibreWolf customizes the default lists present in uBO, by fetching Legitimate URL Shortener, and by enabling AdGuard URL Tracking Protection and Phishing URL Blocklist, but you can also enable more filter lists in uBO's settings.

We strongly recommend using medium mode to block all third-party scripts and control them manually.

Password managers

We suggest that you use a more robust solution than the built-in password manager available in the browser:

  • Bitwarden: open source password manager that allows for synchronization across multiple devices.
  • KeePassXC-Browser: official browser plugin for the open source password manager KeePassXC.

Other Addons

The best suggestion is always to keep a very minimal addons setup, as every extra piece makes your attack surface larger and is likely going to make you stand out. For this reason, all the extensions mentioned in this section are useful only for certain users, and they are not strictly necessary.