Installation instructions for


To install LibreWolf on Windows, just download and run the latest installer

Download librewolf- all versions and release notes

If you don't have it already, you probably also need the Visual C++ Runtime.

To update LibreWolf when a new version is released, just install the new setup.exe. If you want to get notified when a new version is released, you can get the unofficial LibreWolf Updater extension.

Currently we also release a portable version of LibreWolf, useful in cases where installation at system level is not possible, or for just testing some aspect of LibreWolf. It's also found on the releases page.

Package Managers

Alternatively you can use a package manager to download LibreWolf and keep it up to date.

With Chocolatey

choco install librewolf

To see the current status of the Chocolatey package, you can visit the LibreWolf chocolatey page.

With winget

winget install librewolf

The winget command line tool is only supported on Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) or later at this time. Using winget is explained in this Microsft article.