Browser Tests

There are many browser testing sites on the Internet. Here are just a few that we find most useful, which might also help providing details in issues.

Fingerprinting and Security

  • Cover Your Tracks by the EFF uses real tracking companies to test.
  • TorZillaPrint by Arkenfox is a fingerprinting test suite for Firefox and Tor Browser.
  • by Arthur Edelstein shows results of regular tests run against several browsers, including LibreWolf.
  • BrowserLeaks is an all in one browser testing tool.
  • Device Info is another all in one browser testing tool.
  • SSL Labs is a client side SSL test.

These tests are not intended to be used as oracles, but rather as a way to check your setup and verify that your changes are applied. You should not read too much into the results unless you are sure you understand them, as explained in this article.


Performance tests can be done with a few tools. They are best launched with all other applications/tabs closed and with no other activity.