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As the Librewolf RPM packages are built for Fedora, it is best to install the official Librewolf Flatpak from Flathub.

Especially on the immutable variants OpenSUSE Aeon and Kalpa, installing RPM packages is not supported or recommended by the maintainers, as their package management has no reset feature.

You can find Librewolf in your Software store, or use these instructions.


Flatpak apps run sandboxed from the system, which adds a layer of protection. But this prevents the browser from using its usual sandbox for process isolation. Processes are still isolated through nested seccomp filters.

RPM Package

Since openSUSE supports RPM packags, it is possible to directly add the RPM repository for Fedora to your repository list, using zypper or YaST. Note that because the RPM was compiled on a Fedora system, you may experience some issues which don't occur on Fedora.

With zypper

To add the repository to your system and install LibreWolf with zypper, run the following commands one by one:

sudo rpm --import

sudo zypper ar -ef librewolf

sudo zypper ref

sudo zypper in librewolf

With YaST Software Management

Open YaST Software Management either through the YaST GUI or with the text interface through the yast command. You will be prompted for your root password.

Under Software > Software Repositories: press Add (or F3 in the TUI).

Select Specify URL... and press Next (F10 in the TUI)

Enter into the URL field, and choose a suitable name in the Repository Name field (We reccomend using the name librewolf_repo, this can also be changed later). Then, press Next.

After the repository has been added, select librewolf in the package list (you can search for it using the search bar) and press Accept. Then confirm the installation and that of any dependencies.

You should accept any prompts wanting to import the GPG key with the fingerprint 034F7776EF5E0C613D2F7934D29FBD5F93C0CFC3.


When uninstalling Librewolf, it is suggested to remove the repository with:

sudo zypper rr librewolf_repo